Braised Pig Ears

Braised Pig Ears

by Tianshan Cocoa

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Braised pig's ears are one of the homemade cold dishes. The preparation method is simple and easy to learn. It is also one of the indispensable stewed flavors in the New Year dishes. Especially the "salted pig's ears" eaten as cold dishes are soft and crispy in the mouth, delicious and not greasy, and rich in gums. This kind of stewed pig ears, especially in mainland families, is a must-have dish every year. Marinated pig ears can be eaten directly, or they can be mixed with balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, garlic, red chili oil, etc., mixed into a flavored sauce and eaten evenly. This is one of the best dishes that go with wine. Speaking of pork, I prefer to eat the parts of Mr. Pig, such as liver and large intestine. I always think these things are more delicious and nutritious than pork. I ate a lot of braised pig ears when I was young. I have a small family and rarely braised pig ears. It is also because of the taste of my family that they don’t like pork. So the appearance rate of this stewed pork is quite low for my family.

This time, for this lo-mei topic, I specially bought two pig ears and dried tofu with lo-mei. I have been using it for most of the day, and when I started to exude a burst of fragrance, I went back to my childhood in a trance, but it was a pity that the aliens didn't like to eat these, so there were no greedy cats who wanted to eat them around the stove. This time I like the wood. I adjusted the sauce personally. I can’t wait to bring me some so that I can taste the pig ears he mixed. Looking at the shiny and shiny pig ears mixed with the wood, why do I think of Zhu Bajie? Those two big flickering ears didn't want to eat anymore.


Braised Pig Ears

1. Ingredients: 2 pig ears

Accessories: 1 star anise, salt, 2 teaspoons, 5g cinnamon bark, 1 small piece of tangerine peel, 3g cloves, 10 peppercorns, 2g cumin, 1 piece of bay leaf, half piece of ginger, 1 piece of grass fruit, 1 piece of licorice , 2 dried red peppers, 30g rock sugar, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of cooking wine, 3g of MSG, appropriate amount of old marinade

Braised Pig Ears recipe

2. .Wash the pig’s ears, blanch them in boiling water for 3 minutes and pick them up, then wash them with warm water

Braised Pig Ears recipe

3. Shave off the hair on the pig's ears

Braised Pig Ears recipe

4. Use a knife to crack the grass fruit, tap the cinnamon into small pieces with the back of the knife, pat the ginger loose with a knife, soak and wash the dried red pepper

Put star anise, cinnamon, tangerine peel, clove, kaempferol, pepper, fennel, bay leaf, grass fruit, ginger, licorice into the seasoning box and tighten it

Braised Pig Ears recipe

5. Put the spice box, green onion knot, ginger cubes, rock sugar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, old marinade, and pig ears into the marinade pot together, add the old marinade, and add water

Braised Pig Ears recipe

6. Bring to a boil, turn to medium and low heat and cook for about 40 minutes

Braised Pig Ears recipe

7. You can flip the ears 1-2 times in the middle

Braised Pig Ears recipe

8. Turn off the fire

Braised Pig Ears recipe

9. Add a lid, and then simmer slightly to remove the slices

Braised Pig Ears recipe


The marinating time depends on the amount of pig ears. Don’t cook too much.

The pig’s ears are first baked on a small fire, and then shaved with a knife, which is easier to shave

You can use chili oil and balsamic vinegar. Mix the garlic sauce evenly and serve


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