——cold Pork Ears

——cold Pork Ears

by Love braised pork

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Yesterday I went to the supermarket and saw a special price of pig ears, 12 yuan each, so I picked one back and had a cold salad. I was thinking about it when I was cutting it. I seem to seldom eat pig ears. In fact, pig ears are crispy and delicious. I don’t know why I eat them very rarely. After reviewing, I decided to enrich the table.

——cold Pork Ears

1. Shred the bell pepper and cucumber, smash the garlic and chop into mince.

——cold Pork Ears recipe

2. Shredded pork ears

——cold Pork Ears recipe

3. Put the ingredients in the basin and put in an appropriate amount of sugar.

——cold Pork Ears recipe

4. Add vinegar

——cold Pork Ears recipe

5. Add a little soy sauce

——cold Pork Ears recipe

6. Add some abalone sauce

——cold Pork Ears recipe

7. Finally, pour in sesame oil and mix well

——cold Pork Ears recipe


Because both light soy sauce and abalone juice have a salty taste, there is no need to add salt.


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