Braised Ribs

Braised Ribs

by soshaw

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Although the price of pork is still rising recently, you still have to eat it when it's time to eat meat. Braised pork ribs is probably the more common meat dish in our family. Simply braised in brown sauce makes the meat very tasty. Adding the soup to the bibimbap is really a must.


Braised Ribs

1. Wash the ribs, add water to the pot and boil

Braised Ribs recipe

2. Take out the ribs and rinse with water

Braised Ribs recipe

3. Put oil and rock sugar in the pot and fry until caramel color

Braised Ribs recipe

4. Pour the ribs and stir fry for color

Braised Ribs recipe

5. Add salt and cooking wine to boil

Braised Ribs recipe

6. Pour in the light soy sauce to taste

Braised Ribs recipe

7. Bring to a boil, turn to low heat and cook until the ribs are cooked through

Braised Ribs recipe

8. Finally, the fire can collect the juice

Braised Ribs recipe


1. Whether the ribs should be watered or not is decided according to personal preference
2. In the process of braising ribs, only add cooking wine, no water
3. Be sure to save a little bit of broth, the bibimbap is super delicious


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