Bread machine fruit toast

Bread machine fruit toast

I was surprised by the big toast made by my colleague's bread machine, and immediately bought a bread machine and started making healthy fruit big toast. I have made this recipe many times and succeeded every time. The taste is soft and sweet. It is suitable for all ages. I especially like to get up early and eat a slice of oatmeal with milk. The sweetness and sourness of the fruit stimulates the taste buds. An exciting day begins again!







by Miao Inna

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How to make it (Bread machine fruit toast)

1. The bread machine beats the eggs
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
2. Add milk
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
3. Add corn oil
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
4. Add lemon juice to remove the smell, add sugar and salt
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
5. Add flour and milk powder, dig a hole in the middle, add yeast
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
6. Turn on the bread machine, bread mode, weight 500 grams, light burnt color, and run. The whole process takes more than 3 hours
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
7. After running a kneading mode, add butter
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
8. After the two kneading modes, the beeps prompt to add fruit, add fruit
Bread machine fruit toast recipe
9. The subsequent baking is automatic. The baking is about 2 hours, the baking is about 30 minutes, and when the baking is finished in 10 minutes, the surface of the bread is brushed with egg yolk, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and the lid is closed and waited for the end.
Bread machine fruit toast recipe

1. Take out the bread immediately after baking to prevent the crust from being too hard
2. If you don’t like to use vegetable oil, you can add 25 grams of butter directly after the first kneading mode, so you don’t need to put corn oil.


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