Brown Sugar Dumplings

Brown Sugar Dumplings

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The glutinous rice balls I bought are not new to cooking directly. They are fragrant and chewy, and the recipe is simple. Try the ready-made glutinous rice balls at home!


Brown Sugar Dumplings

1. Prepare the ingredients, the glutinous rice balls with or without filling can be used

Brown Sugar Dumplings recipe

2. Heat a frying pan, pour a small amount of cooking oil, put the dumplings in the pan, fry on medium heat until the surface is browned

Brown Sugar Dumplings recipe

3. Sprinkle in brown sugar powder, pour in a little water to dilute the powdered sugar

Brown Sugar Dumplings recipe

4. Cook on medium-low heat until the sugar water is dry

Brown Sugar Dumplings recipe


Cook on low heat throughout the whole process, shovel up when the water dries, don't cook it.


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