Cabbage Tofu Soup

Cabbage Tofu Soup

by Squirrelfish 77

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It’s the Chinese New Year, this dish is light and refreshing, but it tastes very fresh. If you are tired of eating big fish and meat, come and try this soup!
This bowl of soup was served on the table. It didn't seem to be peculiar. My husband and children dismissed it, but my husband gave it a bite and praised it again and again. I must make this dish at the New Year's family banquet! The child was also curious and couldn't stop taking a sip, and drank a large bowl.


Cabbage Tofu Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients first, and start making them when you are ready! Wash the northern tofu and cut into small pieces, peel off the skin of baby cabbage, wash and cut into pieces of appropriate size.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

2. Take a large clean bowl, add 1 tablespoon of edible salt, and soak the cut tofu cubes for 10 minutes. This step is to get rid of the beany flavor in the tofu, and the second is to make the tofu not break easily during the cooking process.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

3. Use a thick-bottomed non-stick pan over the heat and pour in the right amount of cooking oil. A small amount is good and not too much.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

4. Beat in the two eggs and fry them, that is, fry them into poached eggs. Turn on a low fire and stop frying them. A thick-bottomed pot is best, not afraid of mash

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

5. Fry the eggs on both sides, set aside, put the chopped green onion and garlic slices into the pot and stir fry to get a good flavor.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

6. The key is here, add the boiling water in the kettle, remember that it must be boiling water! Because boiling water can break down fat into fat globules, these smiling fat globules dissolve in water to form milky white soup, which is the same as crucian carp soup. So stew crucian carp soup and cabbage soup must use boiling water.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

7. Put the lid on and bring to a boil on high heat. Don't turn off the low heat. Keep cooking on high heat for 5 minutes. I use the Maxim micro-pressure cooker, which not only has a superb appearance, but also has a slight pressure. The bottom of the pan is thick and not afraid of muddy bottom. It takes a short time, does not run off, and does not lose nutrients. It is very worth starting.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

8. Then add the tofu and cabbage and cook for 5 minutes. You see, the soup is very white and thick. It looks very tender, right? Can't wait to have a bite?

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe

9. Finally, add 1 tablespoon of salt to adjust the taste, and add half a tablespoon of sugar to improve the freshness. This cabbage tofu soup is ready. If you don't need to put chicken essence and MSG, it will destroy the sweetness and deliciousness of this soup.

Cabbage Tofu Soup recipe


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