Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

by Aunt Xizhen

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This is a cake that a girl thought about and talked to me for a long time.
This time I will post the tutorial together, and go back and do it yourself if you like it.
The addition of a lot of carrot mince makes this cake a healthy food.
Those who don’t like carrots and want to take in carrot nutrition, can try it.
On the third day after making it, the shopkeeper of my shop ran away with the two remaining cakes when he went to work. He usually didn't eat cakes very much. They all said that the cakes are delicious, which shows that the taste is good.

Carrot Cake

1. First peel the carrots, and then beat them into a puree with a food processor. If you don’t have a cooking machine, you can rub the silk, try to rub it as thinly as possible

Carrot Cake recipe

2. Put granulated sugar and brown sugar in the egg liquid, then use a whisk to beat evenly

Carrot Cake recipe

3. Add corn oil and mix well again

Carrot Cake recipe

4. Sift in the almond flour and stir

Carrot Cake recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour and baking powder, stir with a spatula, and mix until the texture is fine and even

Carrot Cake recipe

6. Finally add the carrot mince and mix well

Carrot Cake recipe

7. Pour it into a cake mold that has been coated with a layer of oil to prevent sticking, as shown in the picture. This amount can make about 6

Carrot Cake recipe

8. Put it in the middle layer of a preheated 180 degree oven and heat it up and down for about 20 minutes. If your oven has high firepower, you can cover the cake with a layer of tin foil halfway through the baking process. After baking, let it cool and take a bite to see the texture inside.
Can you see a lot of carrot fiber?

Carrot Cake recipe


Two long words:
If you don't have this kind of continuous mold, you can also put it in other molds and bake. In general, the larger the mold, the lower the baking temperature and the longer the time.


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