Green Onion Knot recipes

Braised Rice with Mushroom Ribs

Ribs, Shiitake (dried), Carrot

Seaweed Dried Bean Soup

Hydrofacial Kelp, Dried Tofu, Beef Bone Soup

Carrot Fish Ball Soup

Fishballs, White Radish, Celery

Yellow Wine Fairy Chicken

Whole Chicken, Trotters, Pork Belly

Stewed Chicken Wing Roots with Lotus Root and Corn

Chicken Wing Root, Corn (fresh), Lotus Root

Pepper Chicken

Two Large Drumsticks Or Three Yellow Chickens, Two Vitex Chili, Millet Spicy

Roasted Pork Ribs with Potatoes

Ribs, Potato, Cooking Wine

Curry Beef Brisket Rice

Beef Brisket, Rice, Carrot

Ribs Corn Soup

Ribs, Corn, Red Dates

Salt Baked Chicken

Chickens, Ginger, Salt Baked Chicken Noodles

Sauce Pork Trotters

Trotters, Soy Sauce, Garlic

Braised Pork Feet

Ginger, Green Onion Knot, Bay Leaf

Zigong Small Fried Duck

Duck, Green Onions, Green Pepper

Lao Tan Sauerkraut Beef Noodle

Sauerkraut, Beef, Noodles

Wild Bamboo Shoots Stewed Ham

Ham, Wild Bamboo Shoots, Chaotian Pepper