Carrot Longan Cake

Carrot Longan Cake

by Braised Braised Chef (From Sina Weibo.)

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This carrot longan cake, chopped carrots and added to the cake batter, increase the moisture of the cake batter, plus the sweetness of longan, it tastes moist and sweet.
Continue to use the COUSS chef machine CM-1500 to make different recipes. The previous two were made of bread and the kneading function of the kneading function. This time I used it to try to beat the whole egg to see its performance. Sure enough, it didn't disappoint me.
5 whole eggs, it will be finished in a few minutes, haha, it's too time-saving and labor-saving.


Carrot Longan Cake

1. Chop the carrots and set aside

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

2. Beat 5 eggs into the mixing bucket of the chef's machine, and install the egg beater

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

3. Turn on the 8th gear of the chef machine and start whipping

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

4. About 5 minutes, turn off the machine, lift the egg beater to check the status of the beater, and beat until the dripping egg batter does not disappear immediately.

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

5. Take the egg beater out of the base of the cook machine and pour the sifted flour

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

6. Use a manual whisk to stir the egg batter from the bottom up and mix evenly

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

7. Add corn oil and continue to stir evenly with a manual whisk

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

8. Add the chopped carrots and dried longan

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

9. Use a rubber spatula to mix all the ingredients well. At this time, it is normal that the batter will defoam somewhat.

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

10. Pour the mixed cake batter into the baking tin

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

11. Put it in the middle of the oven preheated to 180 degrees, and bake for about 30 minutes

Carrot Longan Cake recipe

12. Take out the baked cake and let it cool and cut into pieces

Carrot Longan Cake recipe


1. This is the method of whole egg sponge cake. Carrots and dried longan are added. The cake is very moist and tastes very good.


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