Carrot Maple Bread

Carrot Maple Bread

by Handsome chef

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The carrot maple bread brought today is a section from the bread book of Taiwanese baker Wang Chuanren. I copied it and made a few times, the formula was slightly adjusted, and it feels very fresh and delicious. In particular, the added flavor of maple syrup is better and unique.


Carrot Maple Bread

1. Kneading to the complete stage

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

2. After completing one fermentation, divide into 4 equal parts, round and relax for 30 minutes

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

3. Roll out

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

4. Turn it over (the rough side faces yourself)

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

5. Rolled into olive shape

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

6. Second fermentation in warm and humid place to 2.5 times larger

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

7. Squeeze the softened butter with a knife

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

8. Sprinkle with powdered sugar to decorate (the outer skin sprinkled with powdered sugar will become crispy after baking)

Carrot Maple Bread recipe

9. Fire at 190 degrees for 15-18 minutes, and the surface will be golden

Carrot Maple Bread recipe


You can use honey instead of maple syrup


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