Cartoon Toast Breakfast

Cartoon Toast Breakfast

by Table dinner

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Brothers who are both single dogs, I am very happy to hear that my love is unfinished.

Said, finally there is time to have a happy drink together. It's just that, to build happiness on the pain or frustration of others, this happiness is not pure.

I need to rely on things other than my own mood to get happiness. That reasoning, in case I am passionately in love, is not self-sorrow and pity.
In fact, everyone is the same. Friends who were very close to each other suddenly disappeared in life. They must be passionate love.

When a person does not want to be disturbed, there must be someone in his heart.
And the girl I wanted to fall in love with, without giving any explanation, suddenly didn't contact me.
I asked, what's wrong? She was silent.
I understand that she has a more suitable person in her heart.

And I was just the meal she ate when she was lonely, not bad, but after all, it was just a dinner she needed when she was lonely.
I don't blame her, I continue to live my life as a single dog.

I would rather live alone than be an emotional spare tire.

A group of single dog friends seems to be on a train leading to an unknown relationship. Someone got off first, graduated first, waved goodbye, some got off at this station, but got on at the next station to continue this journey. .

When you are together, you can get up every morning and draw cute patterns on the toast, just for her surprise expression when she sees these cute toasts when she wakes up.

These warm moments gradually formed part of the memories.
And some separation, it's not that you don't love, it's just that a car comes and you have to leave.


Cartoon Toast Breakfast

1. Prepare ingredients.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

2. Draw the outline of the desired cartoon pattern on the tin foil.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

3. Cut it out with scissors according to the outline.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

4. Cover the toast with tin foil.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

5. According to the cartoon color you want to choose whether to outline or pattern, the part covered by the tin foil is white, and the other parts will turn yellow after baking.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

6. Preheat the oven at 150 degrees and bake for 10 minutes until the surface is browned.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

7. Take out the toast, you can see that the animal pattern has been left on the toast, melt the chocolate in the fresh-keeping bag, cut a small hole, and draw the outline or nose and eyes.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

8. Add some fruits you like to match.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe

9. carry out.

Cartoon Toast Breakfast recipe


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