Casserole Haggis

Casserole Haggis

by meggy dancing apple

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Haggis is a generic term for sheep offal. Although its nutritional value is not as good as lamb, it is also very popular because of its unique taste and low yield. Among them, the nutritional value of sheep liver is higher, it is rich in vitamin A, regular consumption, can clear eyesight. Because I live close to the Muslim area, I can always buy these haggis, and occasionally buy some reprocessed, which is also very flavorful. "


Casserole Haggis

1. Right amount of sheep offal, clean inside and out

Casserole Haggis recipe

2. Cut into thick slices or inch sections respectively

Casserole Haggis recipe

3. Wash the lettuce in a handful

Casserole Haggis recipe

4. Homemade deep-fried tofu bubble ready

Casserole Haggis recipe

5. Put the haggis in a casserole, submerge the haggis in the water, boil on low heat, 15 minutes

Casserole Haggis recipe

6. Add the tofu and continue to cook for about 5 minutes

Casserole Haggis recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of salt and white pepper, put the lettuce in the soup before turning off the heat

Casserole Haggis recipe

8. No need too much seasoning, completely clear soup original flavor

Casserole Haggis recipe

9. With vegetables and soup, it’s really warm to eat

Casserole Haggis recipe


There are not too many seasonings, it is completely clear soup. If you like a strong flavor, you can put some chili, coriander, or more white pepper


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