Cat's Claw Gnocchi

Cat's Claw Gnocchi

by HumiL

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Tangyuan is really fun, easy to make and edible. Tangyuan without fillings is not called glutinous rice balls, so no matter what shape it is, it is delicious when wrapped with fillings. If you don’t like coloring, you can use vegetable juice, or matcha powder or cocoa powder.


Cat's Claw Gnocchi

1. Add a little salt to the glutinous rice flour, add some sugar in the water, and add a little bit to the glutinous rice flour after boiling the water

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

2. After kneading into the dough, add red yeast rice powder or coloring part by part

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

3. Stuffing

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

4. Knead it into a dough, press it slightly

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

5. Make 4 small dumplings and stick your claws

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

6. Make 5 dumplings of pink glutinous rice flour, press flat and stick

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

7. After it’s done, it’s done

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe


1. The pigment can be replaced with various vegetable juices;
2. It is best to use the stuffing with no color, the sesame color will show through.


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