Celery Leaf Omelette

Celery Leaf Omelette

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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The vegetable omelet is simple, nutritious and delicious. Usually, the omelet is made of ordinary flour. In fact, self-raising powder can also be used, and the taste is better. At this time, because the self-raising powder contains a certain proportion of yeast powder, the cakes made are better than It's usually softer and more delicious.
Today I’m going to share a vegetable omelet made with self-raised flour. Don’t look at this cake because it’s all vegetables, but it’s not monotonous at all. It is fragrant, soft and has a rich taste. The key is that the recipe is very simple, no need. Kneading noodles, not to mention the need to leave the noodles, simple and fast, nutritious and delicious, my family loves it, I am also very happy to make it~~~


Celery Leaf Omelette

1. Prepare all ingredients

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

2. Peel and wash the carrots, cut into small pieces, and put them in a large clean bowl

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

3. Wash the celery leaves, control the moisture and put them on the cutting board, cut them into chopped vegetables and put them in a large bowl

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

4. Then in a bowl, scoop 2 tablespoons of self-raising powder

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

5. Add a little chopped green onion, cooking oil and lemon, black pepper, sea salt

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

6. Beat in an egg

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

7. Add some water in small portions and stir evenly with chopsticks

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

8. After mixing the batter, just pick it up and see if it will slip off quickly. Put it aside and let it sit for 3~5 minutes.

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

9. Heat a non-stick pan and brush the oil, put in an appropriate amount of batter, put a little bit of batter and it will be cooked

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

10. Fry on medium and small fire, shaking the pot from time to time to let it heat evenly, fry until the surface is solidified, turn it over

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

11. Fry until golden on both sides

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe

12. Ready to cook

Celery Leaf Omelette recipe


1. Celery leaves don't need to be blanched in advance, just chop them directly to retain the fragrance of celery.
2. When pancakes, be sure to fry them over a medium-to-small fire, and they will come out of the pan until they are golden brown. Don't fry them for too long.


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