Cereal Banana Milkshake Set

Cereal Banana Milkshake Set

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One early morning, I made myself a cereal banana smoothie + whole wheat sandwich toast set meal. The method is very simple. The addition of bananas can make the originally thin milk taste thicker and have a richer taste. Add another spoonful of whole wheat grains to increase the taste while also supplementing nutrients. Finally, the whole wheat thick sliced toast is divided into four, and cheese is spread between the two slices. When eating, the taste will not be so monotonous, and a healthy and nutritious breakfast with zero difficulty is prepared.


Cereal Banana Milkshake Set

1. Prepare the required materials

2. Cut bananas or break into small pieces

Cereal Banana Milkshake Set recipe

3. Put the banana chunks into the blender and pour the milk

4. Blender for about 1 minute

Cereal Banana Milkshake Set recipe

5. Pour the banana smoothie into a cup and add a spoonful of whole grain cereal

6. Finally, divide the bread into four and spread it with cheese

Cereal Banana Milkshake Set recipe
Cereal Banana Milkshake Set recipe


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