Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack

by Eyebrows-Grid

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This soup milk meal bun is soft to the bone, and it is especially delicious when eaten alone. It is cut open with eggs and ham to make a hamburger. Changdibaking man CRTF32K is baked, Changdibaked man CRTF32K enamel liner, it is especially easy to clean, and the double-layer thickened anti-scalding glass door, baking beginners don't have to worry about being burned by the oven door all the time.


Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack

1. Make the soup first. Sift 40 grams of high flour, add 200 grams of water and stir until there are no particles. Heat on low heat until the traces of egg cream do not disappear. Cover with plastic wrap and let cool for later use;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

2. Knead all the ingredients of the bread body to the expansion stage with the post-oil method, and ferment in a warm place to double the size;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

3. Divide the fermented dough into nine equal parts, add plastic wrap to round and exhaust for 15 minutes;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

4. Pat the dough gently to exhaust air and arrange it into a circle;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

5. Put the second shot into the mold;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

6. After the second serving, brush egg liquid on the surface and sprinkle with coconut paste;

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe

7. Put it into the preheated Changdi Baking man CRTF32K oven, 170 degrees for 20 minutes.

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack recipe


1. For specific time and temperature, please refer to your own oven;
2. Cover tin foil in time after coloring;
3. The biggest difference between soup bread and other breads is that starch gelatinization increases water absorption, and the texture of bread is soft and elastic, which can delay aging. The soup will be more effective if it is refrigerated until the next day. Unused soup can be stored in the refrigerator for two or three days.


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