Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

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Delicious chicken soup


Chicken Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Chicken Soup recipe

2. Drumsticks soaked in bleeding water! You can also buy chickens, old hens and black-bone chickens!

Chicken Soup recipe

3. Heat oil, add green onion, ginger, pepper and saute until fragrant

Chicken Soup recipe

4. Cut a few knives on the chicken thighs, put them in the pan, and fry them on both sides

Chicken Soup recipe

5. Remove the processed chicken drumsticks and put them in a pressure cooker, add anise, cardamom, cinnamon, cinnamon, star anise, carrots, green onion and ginger slices, add water to the chicken drumsticks, and start cooking in the pressure cooker

Chicken Soup recipe

6. After the soup is done, add the wolfberry to stuff, pour out the chicken soup, put the chicken legs in cold water

Chicken Soup recipe

7. Tear a little chicken tofu shreds into a bowl and add chicken broth

Chicken Soup recipe

8. After pouring, add coriander, vinegar and sesame oil to taste and you can eat

Chicken Soup recipe

9. The delicious chicken soup is ready

Chicken Soup recipe


Don’t waste chicken when making chicken soup. Tear the cooked chicken into small pieces, mix it with some vinegar, flavor, green onion and garlic. It’s also delicious. I mixed it and posted a picture. You can collect it if you like it. Welcome to those who like gourmet kitchens, add me on WeChat, and see my personal signature with my WeChat account!


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