Chicken Squeezed Bread

Chicken Squeezed Bread

by Michelle jzhzlljyf123

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This time, marshmallows were added to the bread, and the taste was quite good, and the bread was also very soft and delicious.


Chicken Squeezed Bread

1. Weigh 10 grams of marshmallows first

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

2. Put the ingredients in the main ingredient into the bread bucket and start the kneading program

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

3. Knead to the expansion stage

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

4. Fermented to 2.5 times larger

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

5. Round after exhausting, let stand for 15 minutes

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

6. Put it in the baking tray and do two rounds

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

7. Ferment to double size, brush with egg liquid. Preheat the oven in advance, bake at 170 degrees for 18 minutes

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

8. The chocolate melts ahead of time, and the chicken’s eyes and mouth are painted

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe

9. Very soft

Chicken Squeezed Bread recipe


1. The water absorption of flour is different, please add according to the actual situation
2. Marshmallows can be omitted according to personal preference
3. The oven temperature is for reference only


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