Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun

by Honey Crystal

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People always worship one thing in a certain period of time. There is a boy in the high school class who always loves to draw little turtles. At that time, I really didn't understand, what is the meaning of a little turtle tossing over and over again? Later, after reading a series of books, I found that I love a certain thing at a certain stage, which is a kind of growth. Being immersed in that small circle can improve one's concentration, and doing things over and over can cultivate their independent thinking. ability.
Children are instinctive and always like small animals. You can make such a small bread with your children and experience the strong affection. The child understands the production process, it is also very good for the decryption to be natural, to eliminate their doubts about strange things, and to cultivate their own spirit of investigating the bottom line.
I'm reading the book "The Art of Love" recently, and the above may be a bit abrupt. Closer to home, this little tortoise bread is crispy with pineapple skin, waxy with honey and red beans, and the limbs are very chewy and rich in taste. "

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun

1. Use the post-oil method (knead the material except butter first) to knead the dough to the expansion stage (that is, the film can be pulled out and the hole is smooth)

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

2. Put it in a warm and humid place to ferment to 2-3 times its size, and poke it down with your hands, so it doesn't rebound.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

3. Use the pineapple peel mentioned in the above materials to make pineapple peel. After the softened yellow has been beaten, add fine sugar and beat until the color becomes lighter and the volume becomes larger. Add the egg liquid in portions and stir evenly; pour the mixed and sieved baking powder and low-gluten powder into the refrigerator for 30 minutes and divide 8 equal parts for later use.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

4. Divide the dough into 40 grams, 8 pieces of 5 grams of dough, and 32 pieces of 2.5 grams of dough.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

5. Wrap the honey red beans purchased from the supermarket in 40 grams of dough and close them for later use (you can replace them with other fillings you like).

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

6. Wrap a well-divided pineapple skin on the top, and wrap the top.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

7. Knead 5 grams of dough into a drop shape, and 2.5 grams of dough into an olive shape with two pointed ends. Imagine the head, limbs and tail of a small turtle and stuff it under the pineapple skin dough.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

8. Ferment on a baking tray at room temperature to 1.5-2 times the size, brush the head, limbs, and tail of the fermented tortoise with a layer of egg liquid, mark the pineapple skin with a sharp tool, and sprinkle a layer of fine sugar (also You can not spread).

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

9. Put the baking tray into the middle of the oven, lower the heat to 160 degrees, and bake for 18 minutes at 190 degrees (because there is pineapple skin on it, so bake for 2 minutes)

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe

10. This dough has less moisture and is easy to shape. Neili Mi red beans are purchased from the supermarket. If you don’t like it, you can make it yourself by Baidu. You can also replace it with other fillings you like.

Childlike Little Turtle Pineapple Bun recipe


1. This party makes 8 small tortoise breads. The diameter of the finished bread is about 10CM. Here, UKOEO's 65L oven bakeware is used. Please increase or decrease the amount of dough according to the size of your own oven;

2. The temperature of each oven is different. If there is no oven with separate upper and lower tubes for temperature control, you can choose 180 degree baking, and the degree is based on the surface color; if there is an oven with upper and lower tubes separately controlling the temperature, please use the actual temperature of the oven as Standard; I am using UKOEO oven here, there is almost no temperature difference, so the above mentioned is the standard temperature.


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