Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Now is the season to eat pakchoi, the fresh and tender pakchoi slam market.

I like to eat Chinese cabbage. Soup, stuffing, or vegetable stir-fry with Chinese cabbage is very fragrant and flavorful. But speaking of it, I still love cold salad the most.

In the hot summer, loss of appetite is a manifestation of many people. This cold cabbage is absolutely appetizing and relieving heat. It can be eaten directly as a side dish after mixing. It can be eaten with noodles or cold noodles. It is a must to eat after refrigeration.


Chinese Cabbage

1. Wash the cabbage and prepare it

Chinese Cabbage recipe

2. Ginger, garlic, red pepper (if you have chili powder, you can use it directly)

Chinese Cabbage recipe

3. Break the cabbage at will, make it shorter, add salt and mix well, and pickle for 10 minutes. The amount of salt should be mastered, not too much, just slightly salty.

Chinese Cabbage recipe

4. Grind the red chili into powder (if you have dried chili powder, you can use it directly, ignore this step)

Chinese Cabbage recipe

5. Put the chili powder in a large bowl, pour in boiling water that is level with the chili powder, stir, blanch it, cool slightly, add the monosodium glutamate, mix well

Chinese Cabbage recipe

6. Ginger and garlic are chopped finely

Chinese Cabbage recipe

7. Pickled cabbage squeeze out the water, add the soaked chili powder, minced ginger and garlic

Chinese Cabbage recipe

8. Put on disposable gloves or a gloved food bag to grab and mix evenly. It’s better to grab and mix.

Chinese Cabbage recipe

9. It can be eaten directly, it tastes better when it is refrigerated for 1 hour

Chinese Cabbage recipe


When mixing, you need to grasp and mix evenly, so that the taste can be better integrated.

You can control the amount of chili by yourself. The little chili I used is slightly spicy. It doesn't matter if you put a little more, it is very seasoned. If there is chili powder, you can use it directly, eliminating the need for polishing.

The amount of ginger and garlic does not need to be weighed, it can be used approximately.

It tastes great when refrigerated.


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