Chinese Style Pasta

Chinese Style Pasta

by Xylophone·BreatH

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Chinese Style Pasta

1. Put the pasta in the pot. The pasta is different from the Chinese noodles. It takes a long time to cook. I have to cook it for at least 25 minutes each time. Use chopsticks to feel that the noodles are soft and delicious. Remove from the heat for five minutes.

Chinese Style Pasta recipe

2. Cut fresh seasonal vegetables into chunks. Pour oil into the pan, put seasonal vegetables, potatoes, and diced meat in the pan in turn, stir-fry, add pepper sauce, tomato sauce, and stir-fry. It's better to put more pepper sauce. There is a taste. Finally, put the cooked pasta into the pot without stirring, and fry for a few minutes. Out of the pot. Pour the prepared sauce on the pasta and it's ok.

Chinese Style Pasta recipe

3. Chunky potatoes.

Chinese Style Pasta recipe

4. Household diced meat.

Chinese Style Pasta recipe


Pasta must be cooked, if it is not cooked, it will be very hard and lose its taste. The best cooking time for pasta is about half an hour. The rest is fast.


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