Chive Toast Roll

Chive Toast Roll

by Lime Reviews

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You don't need to buy the scallion pork floss rolls. You can make them in a few simple steps at home.
Children love it very much, soft and fragrant!


Chive Toast Roll

1. Prepare ingredients.
The toast should be fresh.

Chive Toast Roll recipe

2. Cut off the 4 sides of the toast, use a rolling pin to squeeze the salad dressing on the toast, put a piece of cheese and an appropriate amount of meat floss, and roll it up from one end

Chive Toast Roll recipe

3. Beat the eggs in the plate, beat them up, and add the chives.
Put the rolled toast in the egg liquid and wrap it around

Chive Toast Roll recipe

4. Brush the pan with oil, add the toast rolls, and fry them on low heat.

Chive Toast Roll recipe

5. After frying, put salad dressing on both ends and stick with spicy pork floss.
The chive toast roll is ready.

Chive Toast Roll recipe


When frying, be sure to low heat.


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