Choi Ding Fried Rice

Choi Ding Fried Rice

by Imaginary chef Yang Dashao

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You should also eat well when you are at home. In the morning when you wake up, you can use the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator to give yourself a bowl of fried rice with appetite. It is actually not bad.

Choi Ding Fried Rice

1. Dice eryngii mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers for later use

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe

2. Scrambled eggs and set aside

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe

3. Put oil on the bottom of the pan, put the chopped green onion on 60% of the heat, and fry it twice

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe

4. Add diced eryngii mushrooms and stir-fry evenly, change color, and then diced carrots

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe

5. Pour in the overnight rice, stir-fry the clumps, and stir-fry out the moisture

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe

6. Put the diced cucumber and egg, soy sauce, salt, thirteen spices, stir fry evenly, and it will be out of the pot

Choi Ding Fried Rice recipe


1. I personally think that fried rice must include chopped green onion (if you like it). The fried rice is really fragrant. 2. If you like to eat cucumbers that are ripe, you can put them together with carrots. If you like to eat cucumbers that are crisper, put them at the end.


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