Chongqing Steamboat

Chongqing Steamboat

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In the cold and damp spring, a hot pot of spicy hot pot is most suitable for removing dampness and warming the stomach.


Chongqing Steamboat

1. Wash and drain enoki mushrooms

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

2. Thousand-page tofu sliced and served on a plate

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

3. Buy squid rings packaged

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

4. A box of beef rolls

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

5. A box of fine pork belly

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

6. It's all meat, haha... Beef roll and lamb roll, silly and indistinguishable

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

7. Let’s clean up the intestines at last

Chongqing Steamboat recipe

8. Add water to the bottom of the spicy hot pot. After boiling, add some of the ingredients. After the hot pot is boiled, you can enjoy it.

Chongqing Steamboat recipe


Spicy hot pot, the more you eat, the more flavorful you eat. Add the base ingredients according to your own degree of heavy taste.


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