Spicy Hot Pot Base recipes

Enjoy The Delicious Mala Tang for Yourself

Hot Pot Meatballs Dumplings, Seasonal Vegetables, Spicy Hot Pot Base

Spicy Hot Pot

Lotus Root, Pepper, Broccoli

Radish and Cabbage Spicy Soup

White Radish, Chinese Cabbage, Spicy Hot Pot Base

Spicy Hot Pot

Pork Belly, Dried Tofu, Fish Ball

Home-cooked Blood

Duck Blood, Ham, Bean Sprouts

Spicy Crayfish Pot

Crayfish Tail, Frozen Tofu, Lettuce

Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Little Eel, Bean Sprouts

Spicy Pork Blood

Pig Blood, Oil, Salt

Spicy Duck Blood Pot

Duck Blood, Spicy Hot Pot Base, White Jade Mushroom

Spicy Griddle Spare Ribs

Ribs, Potato, Lotus Root

Spicy Tripe

Cooked Tripe, Dried Red Chili, Oil

Spicy Milk Hot Pot

Milk, Spicy Hot Pot Base, Water

Spicy Konjac

Konjac, Oil, Salt

Spicy Boiled Konjac

Konjac, Soy Sprouts, Rapeseed Oil

Spicy Potato Noodle Casserole

Potato Powder, Enoki Mushroom, Bean Sprouts