Chowder Noodles

Chowder Noodles

by Haitian Yishi 6305

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My family’s staple food is often noodles, especially when working, sometimes when the time is too tight, I will cook meat and vegetables in a pot. After cooking, it will be delicious and delicious. When the noodles are cooked, the taste is particularly delicious. Sometimes you have to rush to drink after a pot is cooked, and it is not enough to drink if there is less surface. As for the stewed dishes, you can do whatever you like. The most important pork stuffing and soybean paste are indispensable. Those who like to eat noodles must try this method. It is easy to learn and saves time. You can put whatever dishes you have at home, which will definitely make you want to eat this meal and want to next! Haha, let's not talk about it, let's take a look at the detailed method!


Chowder Noodles

1. Remove the roots and leaves of celery, clean and mince

Chowder Noodles recipe

2. Chopped green onion and ginger

Chowder Noodles recipe

3. Prepare the mince

Chowder Noodles recipe

4. Wash cabbage and cut into small pieces

Chowder Noodles recipe

5. Wash tofu and cut into small cubes

Chowder Noodles recipe

6. Pour the hot oil into the pan and stir-fry until the color changes. Add the cooking wine and stir-fry well

Chowder Noodles recipe

7. Pour the chopped green onion and ginger and stir well

Chowder Noodles recipe

8. Pour in soybean paste and stir well

Chowder Noodles recipe

9. Add appropriate amount of water

Chowder Noodles recipe

10. Add soy sauce and mix well

Chowder Noodles recipe

11. Pour cabbage into the pot and boil

Chowder Noodles recipe

12. Pour in chopped celery

Chowder Noodles recipe

13. Pour in tofu

Chowder Noodles recipe

14. Pour in mung bean sprouts and cook for 1 minute, add salt to taste

Chowder Noodles recipe

15. Sheng out as a bittern

Chowder Noodles recipe

16. Boil the noodles under water in another pot and cook

Chowder Noodles recipe

17. Take out the noodles, scoop them into the brine, and start eating

Chowder Noodles recipe


Vegetables can be put in according to personal preference.


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