Christmas Elk Original Muffins

Christmas Elk Original Muffins

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Muffin is a kind of cake in which baking powder is heated to produce gas and expand. The materials and methods used are very simple, no oven and electric whisk, novices can also try. The common muffins are basically round, but by combining them with other fruits, they can make cartoon images such as bunny and fox.

This time I made the original muffins, just mix all the ingredients. But there are still some tricks in the production process. Decorating the plate with Kubi salad dressing not only increases the taste and texture, but also the finished product is more beautiful, which children like it more.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins

1. Prepare a variety of ingredients, and choose the sweet and sweet Kewpie salad dressing. (Vegetable oil can also be replaced with melted butter)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

2. After the milk is mixed with white sugar and melted, beat in an egg and stir well. (Don't mix raw eggs and sugar directly, the yolk will clump)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

3. Sift in the mixture of low-gluten flour and baking powder and mix well. Go through a sieve to avoid particles and bumps. (Don't over-mix, so as to avoid tendons)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

4. Load the squeeze bottle. If not, you can also use a cut-out piping bag, which is very convenient.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

5. Squeeze the batter into a flat-bottomed non-stick pan, outline the outline first, and then fill it up quickly. (Do not turn on the fire at this time, and there is no need to grease the pot)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

6. Turn on a small fire after painting. (It is best not to fire before painting, because the pattern solidifies too fast and the heat is uneven)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

7. Heat with a small fire. At this time, a lot of small bubbles are generated on the surface of the pattern, and they continue to burst. Turn over when the newly appeared bubbles gradually decrease.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

8. Bake for a few seconds after turning it over, the bottom is not sticky, and you can put it out to cool for later use

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

9. Use the batter to draw a pattern, and adjust it according to the size of the plate. The body and the head can be made separately, or they can be connected together. (After each pot is finished, it’s best to remove the pot from the heat, cool down a bit before starting the next pot. If you don’t make a pattern and make a traditional round muffin, it doesn’t matter)

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

10. Then draw a small deer crawling on the ground. When making a big deer, pay attention to the left and right directions of the pattern.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

11. After the muffins are ready, set aside to cool. Put the salad dressing and melted dark chocolate into a small piping bag.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

12. Place the two large elk on the flat plate and hook the line with chocolate.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

13. Use Kewpie salad dressing to outline the belly and scarf, and chocolate lines to draw expressions.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

14. Draw the antlers and fill them with chocolate.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

15. Put the deer in the proper position and draw the line as well.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe

16. Use Kubi Salad Dressing to dot and draw snowflakes, and use straight lines for snow.

Christmas Elk Original Muffins recipe


1. Use Kewpie salad dressing instead of whipped cream to decorate. It is easier to store in bottles, flexible in dosage, and tastes sweet and delicious.
2. About melting chocolate: It is best to use baking chocolate, put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and melt into a liquid. It can also be melted by heating in water, but be careful not to let water vapor enter the chocolate.
3. This ingredient can make about 10 ordinary round muffins, and the batter can be sealed and refrigerated.
4. A little honey can be added to the batter to make the color more beautiful.


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