Christmas Icing Cookies

Christmas Icing Cookies

by Angel falling to earth

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Every Christmas, baking biscuits is a big project. In addition to eating it by yourself, I also make some for children. It’s easy to make the dough, but it’s time-consuming to bake in batches. Sometimes it’s just to bake two plates at a time, but in the middle. I turned upside down a few times. Later, I saw the popular air furnace, which can be baked in multiple layers. I was very envious. Later, I saw the UKOEO Gobic air furnace recruiting for trial. I applied with the mentality of trying, but I didn’t expect to be lucky. The god has arrived. This will be another important milestone on my baking road. From single-layer baking to the era of multi-layer baking, a very professional oven greatly saves my time. It just happens to be harvested on Christmas Eve. For this heavy Christmas gift, thank UKOEO for your love.
This year’s Christmas biscuits have been baked in 3 layers. The baking is very easy, and the baking color is very uniform. Even the painted icing can be dried with the drying function, which greatly saves time and cost. It is really good at work. The matter must first be sharpened.

Although she has entered middle age, she still maintains a girly heart, so please call me a middle-aged girl. In addition to choosing pink for my daughter, she also loves pink more and more. There will be pink colors in clothes and hats. , So if the oven is available in multiple colors, I will definitely choose pink.

Let me take a look at the specific functions of this oven.

1 Color: This time the oven can't wait to open the box as soon as I receive it. It was sent in a wooden box on the outside. The inside is very well protected. Once I open the box, wow! Pink, which satisfies my girl's heart, matches with my pink tools. There are four colors in this oven, namely pink, blue, silver and black.
2 Function: There are 12 kinds of memory options. It is said that you can set hundreds of memories. For example, you can select a button to remember when you bake a cookie this time. You don't need to set it next time, just click the button. The oven also has fast cooling and heat preservation. , Lighting, drying, fermentation, spraying, functions.
3 Capacity: In the past, the oven was about 30 liters. UKOEO T45, which is 45 liters, is more in line with my needs at this stage.
4Appearance: The oven is made of stainless steel with a pink paint coating. It has a thick frosted texture with bumps, which should be very wear-resistant.
5 Doors: Double-layer thickened tempered glass door with a distance of 3 cm between the two. The double-layer door is not only thick but also makes people feel safer, but also can better keep warm and heat insulation. Just open the oven when working. The inside of the door will stop working to avoid high temperature burns.
6 Door handle: The silver door handle is made of non-slip treatment, it is comfortable to pull up and will not slip.
7 Liner: The smooth stainless steel liner has a concealed heating, so the surroundings are smooth and it should be quite clean.
8 Grill: Four-layer rack design, each layer is about 6 cm apart.
9 Accessories: Equipped with 4 baking trays, 4 repeatedly used high temperature resistant tarps and four grilling nets. For me, the only bakeware and grilling nets that come with the oven are the most practical. Other small accessories will basically be idle and useless. Because it has a spray function, a water-receiving pipe was also provided, which was connected to the water inlet at the back of the oven.
10 Cooling dual cooling system, there are two cooling vents on the back, the temperature of the body is within the range that the body can bear, and it is not easy to burn.
Have you been impressed after watching so many? If you just want to change to a more professional oven, you might as well consider it.

Christmas Icing Cookies

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

2. After the butter has softened at room temperature, beat it a few times with a whisk.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

3. Add the powdered sugar and mix well with a spatula manually (so as not to splash during whipping), and then beat until the butter becomes light and fluffy.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

4. Add milk and continue to beat until fluffy.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

6. Mix evenly into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about half an hour.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

7. Take out the dough, cover it with greased paper or plastic wrap, roll it into a moderately thick piece, put it on a mold and cut out the desired shape.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

8. Put the biscuits into a baking tray lined with greased paper, preheat the oven at 165 degrees, and bake for 25 minutes. If there are individual biscuits bulging in the middle, you can prick them with a vent needle to make them flat.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

9. Mix two egg whites with 320 grams of sieved powdered sugar and an appropriate amount of lemon juice.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

10. Divide into several portions, add the desired color, mix thoroughly, and put it into a piping bag.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

11. Cut the piping bag and draw the desired color on the biscuits.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe

12. Putting it in the oven and turning on the air-drying function can speed up the drying time of the frosting.

Christmas Icing Cookies recipe


1 The butter just taken out of the refrigerator is relatively hard, if you can't wait for it to soften at room temperature, you can put it in the oven to soften it at low temperature.
2 When rolling the dough sheet, cover it with plastic wrap, it will be smooth and not easy to stick to the rolling pin.
3 Time and temperature can be adjusted freely according to your own oven.


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