Christmas Wreath Bread

Christmas Wreath Bread

by Twilight shadow

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Time flies so fast, it's Shuangdan soon. 2020 has passed, look forward to a better 2021. Express your blessings and wishes to form a garland of bread. The four seasons are like spring and blooming like brocades, beautiful! Everyone says that all wishes come true, and the characteristics are shared with everyone. Simple fancy bread contains all kinds of goodness. Delicious, easy to make and beautiful! This bread is very suitable for people with high sugar, no sugar added.


Christmas Wreath Bread

1. Prepare the main ingredients. Put the eggs and butter warm water into the bread bucket and beat to mix

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

2. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the mixed liquid. This is a bread suitable for high-sugar people. No sugar is added.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

3. The bread flour is in the bread bucket, and the surface is sprinkled with yeast powder.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

4. Put the bread bucket into the bread machine and start kneading. Set the kneading machine for about 20 minutes. Different bread machines have different times.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

5. The reconciled noodles are fermented directly in the bread bucket, and then they are taken out and put on the chopping board and rubbed for exhaust. Divide into small pieces about 120 grams, ready to make braided bread. I temporarily remembered to add some dried cranberries and cut them for later use.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

6. Rub in the dried cranberries and prepare 4 braids.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

7. The finished fancy braided bread. If you braid six strands of braids, it would be more beautiful.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe

8. Place it in a baking dish lined with greased paper, and leave it in a warm place for 2 fermentations. Brush the egg liquid and sprinkle on the dry noodles. Preheat the oven for 5 minutes, set the oven to 150°C up and down for 25 minutes.

Christmas Wreath Bread recipe


1. Bread must be fermented twice to have a good taste. 2. Ovens with different time and temperature have different power, please refer to it.


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