Coconut Garland Bread

Coconut Garland Bread

by He Xiaohe

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This coconut bread is reserved by my family. I make it every other time. The bread made by myself is made of real materials, without any additives, and can be eaten with confidence for children. The bread with coconut paste is very fragrant when it is baked, and the whole room is full of flavour. The finished product is evenly colored and super attractive. I did it three times a week in a row, and finally enjoyed it.
When I sent it to Moments, many people asked for the prescription, and I did it again deliberately. I took a picture of the process and wrote it out to those in need.
This time I changed to a new flour. Arowana bread uses high-gluten wheat flour. The big brand is trusted. It's really good. The finished product is soft and delicate. You can feel the infinite goodwill of the flour during the fermentation process. The embryo is full of elasticity and full of luster. This is a successful bread, the color is perfect, the texture is soft, the coconut fragrant and the flour fragrant are intertwined, and I can't help but drool. awesome!
Arowana Cake Flour and Arowana Bread Flour are also designated baking flours for the 2018 Panasonic & BDW China International Family Baking Masters. Imported wheat is carefully selected to make the bread with soft texture and soft and elastic taste.


Coconut Garland Bread

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

2. Put all the dough ingredients into the bread machine except the butter. After kneading for 15 minutes, put in the butter that has softened at room temperature, and continue to knead for 15 minutes.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

3. The kneaded dough has reached a complete state, and there are many tiny bubbles on the dough. Put it in the cooking bowl and start to ferment.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

4. Start making coconut fillings while the dough is fermenting. First soften the butter at room temperature, add sugar and mix well.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

5. Add coconut paste and mix well, then add an appropriate amount of milk, the amount of milk is fine according to the situation, as long as it can form a dough.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

6. Divide the prepared coconut filling into 6 equal portions and set aside, about 15 grams each.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

7. After about 1 hour of fermentation, the dough becomes about 2.5 times as large as it is beaten. It is full and elastic, and you can poke holes that do not shrink with your fingers.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

8. The fermented dough is moved to the kneading mat, the bubbles inside are discharged, and then divided into 6 evenly, each dough is about 80 grams.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

9. Take a small agent, flatten it and wrap it with coconut filling, wrap it up, and pinch it tightly.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

10. All are wrapped with coconut filling.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

11. Take a dough wrapped in coconut paste, flatten it, and roll it into a beef tongue shape, making it as narrow and long as possible.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

12. Use a knife to cut out an even cut. Be careful not to cut underneath, as long as the coconut filling is exposed.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

13. The cut dough piece is turned over and rolled up into a roll with the cut on the outside.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

14. Pull a ring, press one end underneath, take one end out from the middle, and hold both ends to avoid dispersing after fermentation. All are done and put in the baking tray.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

15. After fermentation, brush the surface with the egg solution outside the formula, just brush the area where there is no coconut paste.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

16. Preheat the oven to 165 degrees in advance, bake the middle layer for 20 minutes, and the surface will be evenly colored.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe

17. The baked bread can be stored in a fresh-keeping bag after it is allowed to cool.

Coconut Garland Bread recipe


1. Knead the dough as much as possible to make the bread softer.
2. The temperature and time of the oven are for reference only, and can be adjusted flexibly according to your own oven.


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