Milk Cotton Toast

Milk Cotton Toast

by He Xiaohe

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This is a very soft toast. The moisture content of the dough and the ratio of sugar to milk are relatively high, so the finished product is very soft and fragrant. It is a very good choice to make sandwiches after being sliced. It is also delicious when eaten on empty mouth. A toast that my kids love very much. He has recently become obsessed with sandwiches, all kinds of stuffing rounds, fruit, cheese, egg, ham, and toast is a special charge anyway. It happened that there was a large toast mold at home, one 1000 grams, and one large toast can meet the needs of a week, and it is more than addictive to eat.
With toast slices, it's very quick to prepare breakfast in the morning. Old mothers who are severely deprived of sleep can get more sleep.
I feel more and more that having an oven at home and knowing how to do some basic baking is a great skill. At least the ingredients are safe to cook by yourself, clean and hygienic, and children can eat without worry. The baby in my family never likes to eat out. He always says that the food his mother makes tastes more delicious. Hearing this, no matter how tired I am, I am willing.


Milk Cotton Toast

1. Ingredients. The marshmallows can be replaced with the same amount of sugar. Just because there is no sugar at home, marshmallows were used.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

2. Put the ingredients except butter into the bread machine and set the kneading function. After 15 minutes, it will reach the initial expanded state. Add butter that has softened at room temperature and knead the dough again for 15 minutes.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

3. After the two kneading procedures are over, the dough reaches a fully expanded state.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

4. Put it in a warm and moist place, about 25-28 degrees, start the first fermentation, after the end, you can poke a hole that does not shrink, the dough is full and elastic.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

5. The fermented dough is moved to the kneading mat, pressed to expel the air in the dough, and then divided into 6 pieces of dough equally. Relax and wake up for 15 minutes.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

6. Take a portion of the dough and roll it out into an olive shape.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

7. After being rolled up, put it down and let it rest for 15 minutes.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

8. After slack, flatten the dough again, roll it up again, and pull the roll when it is rolled to avoid the roll being too short.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

9. Put all the rolls into the Xuechu 1000g toast mold. Set the fermentation temperature of the oven to 35 degrees, put a bowl of hot water to keep the humidity, and start the second round.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

10. The fermented embryos are full and elastic, and they will rebound after being lightly touched. The surface is brushed with the egg liquid of the formula or not.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

11. The oven is preheated in advance, the heat is 160 degrees, the heat is 180 degrees, and the lower layer is baked for 45 minutes.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe

12. The baked toast is taken out immediately and stored in a fresh-keeping bag after cooling. A few slices are made every morning to make a variety of sandwiches. It is super delicious and easy to prepare for breakfast.

Milk Cotton Toast recipe


1. The oven temperature and time are for reference only, please adjust flexibly according to your own oven.
2. This formula is suitable for 1000g toast mold, 450g toast mold, please convert by yourself, if you make mountain-shaped toast, you can divide it into two.


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