Clam and Winter Melon Soup

Clam and Winter Melon Soup

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Someone once told me that seafood is rarely seen in cooking recipes for Maoqing, is it because the enamel pot is not suitable for seafood? In fact, today I want to say that you must not think too much. It is located in Xi'an, where the four seasons of cattle and sheep are fat, and the loess slopes are lacking, so the seafood is so special! expensive! This time because of the holiday, the company’s small innocent eyes looked at me waiting to improve my life, so I twisted my thigh and rushed to the supermarket to buy a pound of fresh clams, looking at the price of meat larger than my fist. , I think my outlook on life has been subverted. Come and see how enamel pot can make seafood.


Clam and Winter Melon Soup

1. Let fresh clams spit out the sand, rinse them with clean water, and drain them for later use. At the same time, add a proper amount of pure water to the enamel pot, add cooking wine, ginger slices, wait for the water to boil, and put the fresh clams into the pot. After the clams open, take them out for use. The soup of cooked clams is set aside.

Clam and Winter Melon Soup recipe

2. Heat an enamel pot over medium heat, drip a little cooking oil, add ginger slices, and green onions until fragrant.

Clam and Winter Melon Soup recipe

3. When the green onion and ginger are fragrant, add winter melon and stir fry.

Clam and Winter Melon Soup recipe

4. Then add the clam soup, turn to medium-low heat and cook for 5 minutes (do not pour the last bit of clam water completely to prevent sand on the bottom).

Clam and Winter Melon Soup recipe

5. Remove the lid of the pot after 5 minutes, pour in the spare clams, cook on high heat for 3 minutes and turn off the heat. Sprinkle salt, green onion, and sesame oil to taste before serving (you can also add appropriate amount of pepper according to personal taste).

Clam and Winter Melon Soup recipe


Tips for making love from a kitchen:
When you buy clams, you must let them spit sand. You can add sesame oil or add some salt during the process to speed up spitting.


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