Clam Loofah Soup

Clam Loofah Soup

by Purple rhyme

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Clams are salty in taste and cool in nature. They contain protein, fat, carbohydrates and a variety of minerals. They can nourish yin, moisturize dryness, reduce phlegm and improve eyesight. It has a conditioning effect on dry cough, insomnia and other diseases. It also has lymphadenopathy and goiter. Curative effect.


Clam Loofah Soup

1. Prepare the required materials

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

2. Soak the clams in light salt water for 2 hours, let them spit out the mud and sand, and then wash them

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

3. Add water to the pot, add the concentrated stock and ginger slices to a boil

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

4. Wash and peel the loofah, cut into pieces with a hob

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

5. Add the washed clams after the stock is boiled

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

6. Then cook until the clams are all open

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

7. Then add the cut loofah

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

8. Cook on high heat for 2 minutes, then add some salt

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

9. A few drops of sesame oil

Clam Loofah Soup recipe

10. Finally add the wolfberry and boil it out and serve

Clam Loofah Soup recipe


The broth itself is very salty, so you should add it in an appropriate amount when adding salt to avoid too salty.


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