Clam Seafood Soup

Clam Seafood Soup

by Yuer Kitchen

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Ordinary clams, simple method, delicious and unusual taste, the most important thing is such an approachable price, why not like it?


Clam Seafood Soup

1. Add water to the basin and add a tablespoon of salt. (Dosage outside the list of ingredients)

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

2. Stir with chopsticks to fully dissolve the salt, put the clams in, and let stand in the shade for more than 2 hours. (In a hurry, you can drop some sesame oil to let it spit sand quickly)

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

3. Prepare kelp and other accessories (the kelp is sent and washed in advance, milk and salt are not taken in this picture).

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

4. Wash the green onions and cut into chopped green onions for later use.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

5. Cut the ginger into filaments and set aside.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

6. Cut the kelp into slices of the size you are accustomed to.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

7. Boil water in the pot and add cooking wine after the water is boiled.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

8. Add half of the ginger shreds.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

9. Put in the washed clams.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

10. Boil on high heat for about 30 seconds. When the clams begin to open their mouths, they are quickly taken out for use.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

11. Put enough water or stock into the soup pot and add seaweed and ginger.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

12. After the water is boiled, turn off the heat and continue to cook for about 5 minutes, and season with salt.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

13. The clams after being blanched.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe

14. Add whole milk to a boil over high heat, add chopped green onion.

Clam Seafood Soup recipe


1. The clams must be soaked in salt water in advance to let them spit out the sand completely. You can change the water several times when there is plenty of time.
2. Adding milk is to make the soup more delicious and nutritious, and the color of the soup is more beautiful. If there is broth or bone broth at home, you can directly add broth or bone broth, and the milk in the formula can be removed.
3. The blanching time should not be too long, as long as one of the mouths can be fished out.


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