Cocoa Bear Bread

Cocoa Bear Bread

by Mu Yu's Baking Time Machine

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[Works of Bai Cui's Fifth Food Contest]
Cocoa bear bread, cute, children's favorite. This recipe comes from The Wizard of Oz Love Bread, suitable for 9 bear breads in a 20*20cm square deep baking pan

Cocoa Bear Bread

1. Prepare the ingredients needed for the cocoa bear buns and weigh them finely

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

2. Add 18 grams of cocoa powder to 25 grams of 70-80 degrees hot water and stir to form a paste. Use after cooling

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

3. Put all the materials except butter and chocolate into the bread bucket, and start the bread maker kneading program for 20 minutes

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

4. After kneading into a smooth dough, add butter and knead to completion

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

5. Place the dough in a warm and humid place for basic fermentation

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

6. Prove the dough to 2 times its size

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

7. Reserve 28 grams of bear ear dough after serving

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

8. All other breads are made into 9 servings, rounded, and let stand for 15 minutes

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

9. After the dough has been left to vent, it will be rounded into the mold again (this formula is suitable for 9 bear buns in a 20*20cm square mold, adjusted according to the size of the mold), and placed in a warm and humid place for secondary fermentation

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

10. Divide the reserved bear ear dough into 18 portions, knead round and set aside

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

11. After the two rounds are connected, brush the egg liquid or milk to put the ear dough on each dough

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

12. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, after baking for 6 minutes, adjust to 160 degrees, cover the surface of the bread with tin foil, and continue baking for 14-16 minutes

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

13. After the bread is baked, let it cool on the net

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe

14. Put the melted Bai Qiao and Hei Qiao into the piping bag and click on the eyes and nose.

Cocoa Bear Bread recipe


Different brands of ovens will have a certain temperature difference, even the same brand and different models will have a temperature difference. When baking, it is necessary to constantly observe the maturity of the baked food and adjust the temperature and time of baking.


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