Cocoa Christmas Cookies

Cocoa Christmas Cookies

Christmas is not far off. I bought a ready-made mold and started to make a Christmas biscuit, with the flavor of cocoa, with the flavor of lemon, with the flavor of cinnamon, and aftertaste.
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How to make it (Cocoa Christmas Cookies)

1. Soften the butter, add powdered sugar, mix well
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
2. Add egg liquid, lemon zest, sifted low powder, cinnamon powder
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
3. Crumpled up
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
4. Put the dough in a fresh-keeping bag, keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour, roll the dough into 3 mm thick noodles, and keep it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
5. Use a mold to press out round biscuit blanks
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
6. Arrange into non-stick baking pan
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
7. Use the mold to press out the lines slightly, (note that before pressing, sprinkle powder on the side of the pattern of the mold and pat it off, so that it is not easy to stick.
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
8. Brush the egg liquid evenly on the surface
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe
9. Put it into the preheated 180° oven, the second level, bake for about 12 minutes
Cocoa Christmas Cookies recipe

1. The lemon zest can also be omitted.
2. If there is no cinnamon, it can be omitted.
3. Pay attention to the baking time, because this is cocoa powder, not obvious, be careful not to burn.


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