Cocoa Two-color Toast

Cocoa Two-color Toast

by petrus

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This recipe is made according to @梅之小宴’s recipe, there will be a little modification inside! I saw this pattern that feels particularly beautiful at first sight! Even a handicapped party like me can do it! It's delicious too! It's great!

Cocoa Two-color Toast

1. Prepare the required materials, except butter, put them into the bread bucket in the order of liquid first and then solid

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

2. First select the custom kneading program, kneading for 20 minutes, add butter after 10 minutes

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

3. Then choose the European program and continue to mix the dough

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

4. Mix the cocoa powder before stirring 3, and the amount of water is enough, not too much is needed, just stir until there is no powder.

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

5. Stir 3 When waking up for the first time, take three-fifths of the dough, seal it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to prevent the dough from fermenting

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

6. Pour the water of cocoa powder into the bread bucket and continue to stir the remaining two-fifths of the dough

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

7. Before the start of fermentation 1, pause, take out the dough, shape it, and roll the white dough into large pieces. The cocoa dough is slightly smaller and spread on top of the white dough.

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

8. After rolling it up, cut it into 14 sections with a knife

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

9. Take out the bread bucket and mixing knife, as shown in the picture

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

10. Then put the second layer of dough in the gap, as shown in the picture

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

11. Place the third layer and the first layer in the same way, then close the lid and continue to start the bread machine

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

12. It will swell when it is fermented~ the dough will stick naturally!

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe

13. After baking, is the effect beautiful? !

Cocoa Two-color Toast recipe


1. I use a 8500W bread machine, please make sure to adjust it appropriately when you use another brand of bread machine;
2. In autumn and winter, you need 1-2g more yeast


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