Coconut Toast

Coconut Toast

by Yoha Kitchen

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To make bread, you need to use special bread flour or high-gluten bread flour. It is not a 5KG bag commonly found in supermarkets. It also says high-gluten wheat flour. This can't make bread. It is only suitable for steamed buns, noodles and so on. I can use this flour to make bread. I used it to make a meal bag. This time I tried it with a bread machine. I imagined that it would not exceed the height of the bread bucket. I saw that the finished product was really good. After that, it was a surprise.


Coconut Toast

1. Prepare the ingredients to be used. This bread sugar does not use much, so use low-sugar-tolerant yeast, usually use a bread machine to make toast, always use olive oil or corn oil, and never use butter. Wash the raisins with clean water to remove the floating ash and absorb the moisture with kitchen paper.

Coconut Toast recipe

2. Put an egg into the bucket of the bread maker, add water, salt, sugar, olive oil, flour, and yeast on top of the flour. I always poke a hole in the flour with my hands, and put the yeast in the hole.

Coconut Toast recipe

3. The raisins are placed in the automatic feeding box and will be automatically put out when the time comes.

Coconut Toast recipe

4. Start a European-style bread program of the bread machine, the time is 3 hours and 40 minutes, and the others are ignored, all are automatic. Take a look at the dough and knead it in a while.

Coconut Toast recipe

5. There will be a reminder when the time is up. Come and have a look. Hey, the effect of wheat core powder is good.

Coconut Toast recipe

6. Raise the bucket, buckle out the toast, let the toast cool first, put it in a fresh-keeping bag when it is warm, and slice it in 4 hours.

Coconut Toast recipe

7. See if the effect of slicing is very good. Breakfast is there, toast with jam or other favorites, a good breakfast. Do not use high-gluten flour to make bread.

Coconut Toast recipe


I use this recipe repeatedly. Use bread flour or high-gluten flour. It is recommended to reduce the flour to 300 grams, otherwise it will cover the lid.


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