Coconut Waffle

Coconut Waffle

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For people who like to cook, all kinds of kitchen utensils will make them enthusiastic. Even if the kitchen at home is about to explode, they still continue to lose at home. This spirit of no complaints and no regrets is very admirable. For waffles, they were initially limited to trying them in the oven, and gradually they were transferred to the waffle machine. This is like Chinese pancakes. At first they were made in an iron pan, and then there was an electric baking pan. The transfer went with an electric baking pan. The various refinements of the kitchen utensils allow us to constantly take out the silver in our hands, and then gradually turn our home into a warehouse for various electrical appliances! This waffle made today uses professional waffle flour, and low-gluten flour can be used if there is no waffle flour.


Coconut Waffle

1. Put the waffle powder into a large bowl, pour in coconut milk, stir well, let stand for 3-5 minutes

2. Knock the eggs into the batter and mix well

3. Waffle maker brush a small amount of vegetable oil, preheat

Coconut Waffle recipe

4. Slowly pour the batter into the machine, close the lid, and buckle tightly

5. After about five minutes, the waffle is ready, and it's actually ready to eat at this time

Coconut Waffle recipe

6. You can coat the waffles with all kinds of sauces and salads you like, fresh and smooth, rich and mellow, and happy to bloom

7. You can also mix a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with salad dressing or cream and sandwich them in two waffles, and you can enjoy a simple and nutritious bento with a wonderful taste.

Coconut Waffle recipe
Coconut Waffle recipe
Coconut Waffle recipe
Coconut Waffle recipe


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