Original Waffle

Original Waffle

by Chen Huan

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This is the first time to make waffles, using ready-made waffle powder, which is very simple. Add some milk and eggs and mix well to form a waffle custard. It uses a small electrical appliance that specializes in baking waffles. Compared with the waffle molds heated on gas, the advantage is that you don’t need to stare at the gas stove and you don’t have to worry about using it to batter. The baked waffles have a light egg scent and are soft and delicious. Pair it with some small dried fruits and a glass of drink to make a rich and simple breakfast.


Original Waffle

1. Raw materials are reserved, waffle powder: milk: egg=2:1:1

2. Pour the ingredients into a large cooking bowl

Original Waffle recipe

3. Stir thoroughly with a whisk

4. Waffle maker is connected to the power supply to turn on preheating

Original Waffle recipe

5. Apply an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to prevent adhesion

6. Pour the batter into the preheated waffle maker, 8-9 minutes full

Original Waffle recipe

7. Put the lid on, wait for the green powder to light up, and it can be out of the pot without steam coming out

8. After being out of the pan, use a knife to cut open and install it on the plate.

Original Waffle recipe
Original Waffle recipe
Original Waffle recipe


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