Tuna Waffles

Tuna Waffles

by sunny free wind

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The waffle maker is really convenient. Mix the flour+egg+milk evenly, then pour the batter into the magical small grid, and the fragrant muffins will be born in a few minutes. Let’s change to the tuna version today.


Tuna Waffles

1. Put the waffle powder into the container, then pour the eggs and milk

Tuna Waffles recipe

2. Stir them evenly

Tuna Waffles recipe

3. Pour in tuna and white pepper

Tuna Waffles recipe

4. Stir all the ingredients well again

Tuna Waffles recipe

5. After brushing the oil in the waffle maker and preheating, pour the batter. When the batter spreads to the baking pan 8-9 minutes full, stop pouring to prevent excessive batter from overflowing the baking pan when the lid is closed.

Tuna Waffles recipe

6. Cover the machine and bake for three minutes, wait until the green light is on for a while, and there is no steam coming out of the pot.

Tuna Waffles recipe

7. The freshly baked tuna waffle is ready. Look at it, is it delicious?

Tuna Waffles recipe

8. Breakfast and afternoon tea are both very good choices

Tuna Waffles recipe


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