Crispy Chocolate Waffles

Crispy Chocolate Waffles

by Powder gummy candy

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A plate of sweet, soft, golden and attractive waffles is already very delicious. The addition of nuts and chocolate, the collision of multiple layers of tongues, brings a unique alluring feeling and makes the heart-shaped waffles more attractive.

Crispy Chocolate Waffles

1. Prepare waffle powder, milk and eggs

2. White chocolate, cashews, almonds, pistachios, dried cranberries are ready

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe

3. Pour muffin flour, milk, and eggs into a large bowl, the ratio is 2:1:1

4. Stir into a non-grainy batter, let stand for 10 minutes

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe

5. Brush a thin layer of vegetable oil on the baking tray of the waffle maker

6. Turn on the power, the traffic lights will light up at the beginning, and the green light will dim to indicate that the preheating is complete and it is ready to cook.

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe

7. Turn the waffle maker to gear 4, pour the batter, and stop the pour when the batter spreads to the baking pan 8 minutes full

8. Cover the machine and bake for three minutes. The waffle maker can be out of the pan without steam coming out from the side

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe

9. Cut the flower waffle into five heart shapes

10. White chocolate softened in warm water

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe

11. Spread the chocolate liquid onto the waffle with a spatula

12. When the chocolate is about to set, decorate with cashews, almonds, pistachios, and dried cranberries.

Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe
Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe
Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe
Crispy Chocolate Waffles recipe


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