Coffee Walnut Toast

Coffee Walnut Toast

by Dan Ling

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It has been two years since I bought the bread machine, because it is an old model and heated by a single tube, the finished product will have a thicker skin. Later, I tried to wrap the tin foil all the way, but I felt that it was not cooked well. Therefore, it is always discarded. Recently, I saw the bread maker recipe shared by @女侠森森's Weibo, only to realize that her machine is the same as mine, haha, happy, and learned from her to solve the thick skin of a single-tube bread machine Method. So, I tried the bread machine toast again. It's great, it's worth trying. Fangzi comes from @Nicole's life book.

Coffee Walnut Toast

1. In the ingredients, except the butter and walnuts, pour all into the bread bucket, start the kneading program for 20 minutes; add the butter, start the kneading program again for 20 minutes, and add the walnuts when the last 5 minutes are left

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe

2. The bread machine is powered off, the dough is left in the bread machine, covered with the lid, and allowed to rise for one hour

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe

3. Take out the developed dough, ventilate, divide into three equal parts, round, proof for more than ten minutes, shaping

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe

4. The shaped dough, put it back into the bread bucket, the bread machine is still in a power-off state, close the lid, and send it for one hour.

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe

5. After the second delivery is complete, take out the bread bucket and wrap the tin foil with the shiny side facing out; start the baking mode of the bread machine, put in the bread bucket wrapped with tin foil, set the time for 45 minutes, after baking for 25 minutes, quickly open the lid and remove Tin foil, just continue to complete the procedure

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe

6. At the end of the procedure, immediately take out the bread, put it on the air-drying net and let it cool, and then put it in a bag for storage

Coffee Walnut Toast recipe


1. The weather is too hot now, so you need to open the lid when you knead the dough with a bread machine;
2. The solution to the thick skin of the single-tube bread machine is: after half of the baking time, quickly open the lid and remove the tin foil; this can ensure that the bread is cooked through and can effectively prevent the thick skin;
3. The dough of this bread is very sticky. I said that the shaping is weak. You can do it without shaping, and you can directly use the bread machine with one button.


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