Bitter Chrysanthemum recipes

Refreshing Seasonal Vegetable Salad

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Cucumber, Purple Cabbage

Quinoa Seasonal Vegetable Mix

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes

Seasonal Vegetable Salad

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Cucumber, Bell Pepper

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Kale, Cucumber

[bitter Go Sweet] Mixed with Bitter Chrysanthemum Vegetables

Chicken Soup, Bitter Chrysanthemum, Sesame Oil

One Fat-reducing Meal A Day to Improve Diet

Lettuce, Bitter Chrysanthemum, Potato

Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Lamb Slice, Lettuce, Ball

Toast Assorted Salad

Toast, Apple, Pistachio

Hot Soup Wanton

Homemade Frozen Wonton, Bitter Chrysanthemum, Seaweed

Cold Bitter Chrysanthemum Preserved Egg and Peanuts

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Preserved Egg, Fried Peanuts

Chicken Breast Quinoa Salad

Chicken Breast, Quinoa, Shrimp

Five Fruit Duck

Duck Breast, Crepes, Red Bell Pepper

Pan-fried Steak

Steak, Tricholoma, Okra

Chicken Vermicelli Casserole

Gusong Potato Vermicelli, Chicken Leg, Cucumber

Pasta with Zhixiang Black Pepper

Three-color Spiral Pasta, Bacon, Cucumber

Cold Bitter Chrysanthemum

Bitter Chrysanthemum, Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar