Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Chicken Soup Hot Pot

by Xuefenger

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The most popular dish is hot pot. Do you know how to make soup base when making hot pot at home? In fact, it is easy to make and delicious. How happy it is for the whole family to surround the stove in winter.


Chicken Soup Hot Pot

1. Half a domestic stupid chicken

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Chop into pieces

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Blanch the chicken nuggets in water to remove the blood foam, slice the green onion and ginger

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Put pure water in a casserole, add chicken pieces, spring onion, ginger and jujube to a boil

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Put it on the electric pottery stove, close the lid, activate the hot pot button, and let the chicken soup simmer for a while

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. Start to prepare the dipping sauce, sesame sauce, fermented bean curd, light soy sauce, vinegar, and salt together with a little water and stir well

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

7. Put it in a dipping dish, add coriander, chopped green onion and chili oil.

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

8. Wash all kinds of vegetables and food and change them to knives, and the chicken soup is also good

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe

9. Start to shake up

Chicken Soup Hot Pot recipe


The dipping sauce is more delicious when you make it yourself. You can make it any way you like. You can also add leeks.


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