Colorful Donuts

Colorful Donuts

by Mom Nini

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Donuts are deep-fried sweets that are mixed with flour, white sugar, cream and eggs. The two most common shapes are a hollow ring, or a closed dessert with sweet fillings such as cream and egg paste (custard) in the middle.


Colorful Donuts

1. Put milk, egg liquid, sugar, salt (salt and sugar do not put together) and peanut oil at the bottom of the bread machine, put high-gluten flour on top, and dig a small hole on the top to put yeast

Colorful Donuts recipe

2. Start the bread machine kneading program, knead the dough for 40 minutes (two 20 minutes), knead out the film

Colorful Donuts recipe

3. Then start the fermentation program, and the dough will rise to twice its size (1 hour 30 minutes

Colorful Donuts recipe

4. Take out the dough and ventilate and knead well

Colorful Donuts recipe

5. Roll into a wafer about 1cm thick

Colorful Donuts recipe

6. Use a doughnut mold to press out the shape on the top, (knead the remaining dough again, roll it out, and press out the shape again)

Colorful Donuts recipe

7. Take a piece of oiled paper, cut it into a small square, and gently move the pressed doughnut dough onto it with a scraper.

Colorful Donuts recipe

8. Start the fermentation program in the oven, put a bowl of hot water underneath, and heat it to about 1.5 times the size

Colorful Donuts recipe

9. Look fat

Colorful Donuts recipe

10. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot and heat the oil to about 120 degrees

Colorful Donuts recipe

11. Move the donuts in and remove the greased paper. Note: Do not remove the greased paper before using the oil pan. Hold the greased paper backhand and buckle the donuts in the oil. Remove the greased paper easily.

Colorful Donuts recipe

12. Quickly turn it over, and drain off the oil when fried until both sides are slightly yellow.

Colorful Donuts recipe

13. Then use kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil

Colorful Donuts recipe

14. Melt the chocolate in water, mix thoroughly, and dip one side of the donut with chocolate

Colorful Donuts recipe

15. Add some decoration

Colorful Donuts recipe

16. Put it in the plate and let it cool

Colorful Donuts recipe


1. Use a scraper to gently move the pressed doughnut dough onto the greased paper. Don't hold it with your hands, it is easy to deform;
2. The dough should not be too soft and difficult to shape;
3. When frying, the temperature of the oil should not be too high. Just put your hands on top of the oil and have a slight heat. If you have a thermometer, test that the oil temperature is about 120 degrees is the most appropriate, and the turning action must be fast, slightly If you find that the color is too light to the back, then turn it back and forth a few times;
4. Use a small fire halfway through the frying to prevent the frying. If you find that the oil temperature is high in the middle, you can first move the oil end away from the fire source.


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