Colorful Ice Tray

Colorful Ice Tray

by A love for sweet potato eggs

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The weather is getting hotter and I don’t have any appetite to eat anything. Why not have a nice and icy dessert drink~ There are many choices of ice tray, yogurt jelly, and fruit iced drinks~ Simple and convenient, you deserve it~


Colorful Ice Tray

1. Prepare the ingredients. Choose fruits with bright colors. Berries are the best. The effect of freezing is not only beautiful but also bursty. It is better to choose unsweetened old yogurt. It has less ice and has a better taste and can also neutralize the sweetness of jam.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

2. Put a layer of yogurt on the bottom of the ice tray first, if you put the jam first, it will not freeze.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

3. Fill in the jam you like in the middle and stir it a few times to make the frozen appearance higher and the taste richer.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

4. Spread another layer of yogurt on top to cover the jam.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

5. Except for the yogurt jelly, the remaining part is used to make fruit ice ~ first pour into Sprite (mineral water is also acceptable), do not fill it up, about 8 minutes, if you are afraid that it is difficult to control, you can put the fruit first, then fill the liquid.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

6. Put in the beautiful fruit babies~ I also put gummies!

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

7. Finally, you can insert two biscuits to form a concave shape ~ so that you can take it out and eat it directly after it is frozen.

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

8. After everything is done, put it in the refrigerator and wait patiently. You can make it the night before and eat it the next day~

Colorful Ice Tray recipe

9. After the fruit is frozen, put it in a glass, and then pour in your favorite beverages, cocktails, etc. How can it be a cool word!

Colorful Ice Tray recipe


The jam must be mixed with other liquids, it won't be frozen if you freeze it alone. In addition, don’t be greedy for the cold even though it’s hot in summer~~


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