Conch Salad

Conch Salad

by Xiaotangtang mother

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The weather is getting colder, and the conch is very plump at this time. The conch contains very rich nutrients and trace elements required by the human body. The cold conch is appetizing and refreshing, delicious, crisp and refreshing, and delicious."


Conch Salad

1. After the conch is washed and cooked, cut out the meat

Conch Salad recipe

2. Sliced Conch Meat

Conch Salad recipe

3. Prepare shredded scallions and ginger, homemade chili pepper, this is my secret weapon, as long as it is a cold dish, I will put a spoonful, and the taste will immediately become delicious.

Conch Salad recipe

4. Put a spoonful of spicy oil in the conch, half a spoon of salt, pepper, sesame, black pepper and mix well

Conch Salad recipe

5. Put green onion and ginger on top

Conch Salad recipe

6. Just mix well

Conch Salad recipe

7. Serve it

Conch Salad recipe


1. After the conch meat is cooked, you can remove the conch brains, conch whiskers, etc. according to your own preferences

2. The seasonings are increased or decreased according to the needs, and the tastes are different


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