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Various flavors of cookies can be customized according to your own taste.


1. After the butter is softened, beat it at low speed

Cookies recipe

2. Add in powdered sugar and mix for a while, then beat with an electric whisk until fluffy and the butter becomes lighter in color

Cookies recipe

3. Add the beaten egg liquid in small amounts, each time you add it, you need to beat it with an electric whisk until the egg oil is fused and add it again.

Cookies recipe

4. The butter after beating is fluffy and creamy

Cookies recipe

5. Mix flour and low-gluten flour baking powder through a sieve, sift into the butter, and mix evenly

Cookies recipe

6. The piping bag is equipped with a piping mouth, if you make original cookies, put the batter into the piping bag directly. If you are making other flavors, you will need to add matcha powder, cocoa powder and dried cranberry at this step. After adding, stir evenly and put it into a piping bag (Dried cranberries need to be softened with rum in advance, and then crushed with a blender. Be sure to stir it slightly so that it will not affect the extruded pattern)

Cookies recipe

7. Place a mat on the baking tray and squeeze out the pattern you like. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, up and down, bake for 11 minutes, and then move to the upper layer and bake for 1 minute.

Cookies recipe


1. To add the taste of dried plums, be sure to break the dried plums first, otherwise it will easily block the decorating mouth and affect the shape of the cookie;
2. The cookies just out of the oven are not too crisp, they will become crisp after being cooled;
3. The thickness and size of the cookies are different, and the baking time may vary. You can adjust it for 10 minutes first, and then add or subtract the time as needed;
4. If you want to make multiple flavors at once, you can double the materials as needed.


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