Corn Carrot Rib Soup

Corn Carrot Rib Soup

by iamyi.

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Corn, Carrot and Pork Bone Soup is rich in nutrients, benefits the liver and eyesight, lowers blood lipids, invigorates the stomach and clears away heat, and can supplement a variety of vitamins. It is a simple green soup for men, women and children. Due to the use of a large number of high-quality imported porcelain stones, the Heile casserole will release a large amount of far-infrared rays when heated, and the soup will be rich in flavor and very appetizing.


Corn Carrot Rib Soup

1. Boil the pork bones in boiling water, remove, wash and drain;

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

2. Prepare other materials and wash them;

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

3. Carrots are peeled and cut into pieces, corn is cut into pieces, horseshoes are peeled, bamboo cane is cut in half, and ginger is peeled and sliced;

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

4. Put the pork bones, bamboo cane, and ginger slices in a black casserole and pour some water;

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

5. Put the lid on, boil on high heat and turn to low heat for one hour;

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

6. One hour later, add carrots, corn and horseshoes, continue to boil for one hour

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe

7. Finally, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and mix evenly and turn off the heat.

Corn Carrot Rib Soup recipe


1. If there is no bamboo cane, it is okay to not add
2. Put more horseshoe, corn, carrots to taste sweeter


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